Review: Taken By The Tide – Revenge EP



Taken By The Tide

Revenge EP – Self Released

Straight out the gate Taken By The Tide are taking no prisoners. Opener The Organs Are Mine pulsates with a ferocity that rips through the rest of this release. It’s an outrageously strong start that sets the foundations for what’s to come. Described by the band as ‘deeply personal’ the bile-filled discordant Moloch ‘details decades of family abuse finally unravelled by dementia’. This is serious, unsettling stuff and means Revenge must be approached with respect. Phil Illsley’s growling, screaming and hissing in front of a menacing wall of sound is broken only by the unnerving, chilling instrumental Revenge Overture. Then it’s back to full throttle with Angfang Extinction before Now I Am Become Death brings this superbly produced EP to a powerful end. Revenge is not only sweet – it’s heavy, loud, relentless and really good.

Review by Jo Wright