Review: Punk 4 The Homeless Vol 2


Punk For The Homeless Vol 2

Compilation – Self Released

Released in support of the wonderful Punk For The Homeless fundraising campaign in support of defending and rehabilitating street children this album serves an obvious purpose and a not so obvious one. The fundraising side to things is face slappingly obvious.  Buy the album and help support a great cause. The less obvious side effect is that you’ll also get introduced to some new bands that you may otherwise have overlooked. And you also know these bands are donating a track so they have their heart in the right place. The music is varied, centred on the punk genre and leans as you would imagine, towards social commentary. If you’re a fan of punk music then there will be a least a few songs on here for you.  If you’re not then maybe it’s timer for a journey of discovery while making a contribution to something that really does make a difference. People need our help and this is a great way of lending a hand.

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