Review: Fozzy – Judas



Judas – Century Media

Forget the fact that Fozzy have a wrestling celebrity on the mic for a bit and just revel in the music they make.  Always solid performers this latest album sees the hard rockers skill levels honed to mighty perfection.  They have their trademark way of engineering their sound which is virtually unmistakable, quite a feat these days. They have Chris Jericho up front sounding better than ever.  Most importantly though they are writing great songs, not just a couple and then some afterthoughts.  This is an album packed with tune after tune, killer track after killer track.  In a time when acts are looking to cross over, diversify and mix things up Fozzy are showing you can make great music within what is now regarded as quite a narrow set of boundaries.  Judas pummels on your brain just like rock music ought to.  This is possibly the biggest pleasant surprise of an album we will see in 2017.

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