The Alt Collective 2017 BY Deadly Dark Designs

The Alt Collective 2017

Saturday 25th March @ Facebar, Reading

We arrived at this year’s Alt Collective and the fun began before we even got inside the venue!, parked outside was a stunning Hearse Limo provided by Graveyard Limousines…I sure as hell know what I`m having on my wedding day. We entered the venue and was greeted by the 2 lovely horror hostess’s, people were making their way into the venue and the atmosphere was already killer!, people had travelled far and wide to be here and the fun was just about to begin.

First on the stage was the event opening act, Mr Joey Draper –  Al.B.Damned, treating the crowd to a rare acoustic performance. He played songs by his band Al B Damned, some incredible Misfits covers and for me the best part, songs from his previous band TDQM!, a blast from the past sorely missed.

Next up was Dead Stiff, a band I have seen twice previously and was excited to see again. Their set was outstanding!, high energy through out, they really got the crowd going. Dead Stiff are a band I have seen live before and loved, so I could not wait to see them perform. They did not disappoint!. The bar had well and truly been raised since their last London performance, they played fan favourites such as ‘Ed Gein’ and ‘Stone Cold Zombie C*nt’ which really got everyone going!. Song after song flowed with fantastic crowd interaction throughout. If you have not seen them live already I highly recommend them!

We was then treated to a set by the one and only Headstone Horrors, a band I was really looking forward to seeing for my first time. Their set was incredible!, high energy, great stage presence and all round crowd ass kicker!, this was my first and definitely not my last time seeing them!, go check them out now that’s an order haha!

In between the first 3 bands we had the lovely Bruise Violet performing a burlesque experience that even a spoken for man could not help but stare in enjoyment (hands up Im guilty as charged)

The next band were introduced by Devolutions own Lucas Chapel!, proudly presenting to us, the one and only Gorgeous Morgue. Jesus! These guys were something else! A totally unique sound and fantastic stage presence, song after song just flowed, I cannot wait to see them live again real soon.

The alcohol was flowing and the party atmosphere was in full swing, next to hit the stage was Death Koolaid, this band was one of the highlights of the evening for me, such raw sound, incredible stage presence and songs that will just not leave you’re head!, this is a band that has something for EVERYONE!

Next was a band that needs no introduction HeLLPuPPeTs, they are absolutely bat sh*t crazy with adrenalin, stage presence and crowd interaction!, every single person in the venue was chanting along to their music, open up mosh pits and raising hell!, this band are defiantly up there was some of the UKs best live performers

With the crowd still recovering from all the bands we were treated to Flame-Boyant Entertainment (Sakura)!, performing a completely unique experience, of fire, gore and all things that go bump in the night! Extremely talented individual and highly recommended as a live performer.

Finally we had the Main attraction Meta-statis –holy sh*t! they are hands down one of the very best metal bands out there!, absolutely incredible performance, killer guitar riffs, savage drums beats and deadly vocals!, this is one band I could see over and over and never get bored! There stage presence and all round experience is outstanding!

As the night closed in and the drinks were flowing we finished the night with a fantastic set from DJ Iron Mandible, a perfect way to end an unforgettable experience.

So there we have it The Alt Collective 2017 came to a close, everyone involved should be proud of what they achieved, so much hard work and effort went into making this event happen, all I can say is thank you guys!

The only way to sum up this event is 3 words…..



Reviewed By Lee W – Deadly Dark Designs

All Photos By Gary Trueman Photography