Review: Blink 182 – California


Blink 182 – California  

(BMG Records)

I’m not the most avid fan of Blink 182 but I am a massive fan of Alkaline Trio, and as  the title of the opening track insinuates I was cynical but that soon disappeared. The track is a short sharp slice of a more modern and frankly more palatable version of the band. I’m not sure whether it is the addition of Matt Skiba who is a brilliant songwriter in my eyes who has maybe steered the band in a more mature direction and the exciting fact that I think they have let Travis Barker loose creatively means this has paid off big time. The theme which carries through to the band’s debut single ‘Bored To Death’ has a much more original Blink 182 vibe to it but you can definitely hear the Skiba influence and has a  more catchier chorus which makes you want to listen to it on repeat. Other stand out tracks for me are ‘The Only Thing That Matters’ it has the more Alkaline Trio punk vibe to it and ‘Rabbit Hole’ which is a perfect blend of the two and of course it just wouldn’t be Blink without some joking around. To any sceptics I would definitely recommend at least 1 true listen. I assure you that will be hooked!

Reviewed By Mike Thomas