Review: Within Temptation – Worlds Collide Tour: Live In Amsterdam

Within Temptation

Worlds Collide Tour: Live In Amsterdam

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It should be law that symphonic rock/metal bands tour with an orchestra to truly encapsulate their sound. Sadly, finance and logistics are a thing, so the likes of Within Temptation have to make do with keys, sample libraries and backing tracks. Whilst these constraints may shackle the band’s true sonic might, they more than make do throughout the ‘Worlds Collide Tour: Live In Amsterdam’ live album. Special mention to Amy Lee’s guest appearance on “The Reckoning” to widespread acclaim, this is a setlist that gives a lot to fans. With the likes of stirring opener “Our Solemn Hour”, thunderous “Stand My Ground”, and fan-favourite one-two of “Ice Queen” and “Mother Earth”, the band reliably deliver a show that is lapped-up by an adoring crowd. A live album that makes you wish you were there, but also makes it feel like you were Within Temptation’s latest offering may feel logistically restrained but it still packs a terrific punch.

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Review by Lee Carter