Live Review: Thirty Seconds To Mars & Jagwar Twin, O2 Arena London

Thirty Seconds To Mars sensationally returned to the UK, kicking off a massive arena tour with a high-energy performance that electrified London’s O2 Arena.

The evening began with Jagwar Twin, who captivated the audience right from the start, cigarette in hand, softly serenading the crowd. His performance quickly escalated in intensity, seizing the crowd’s full attention. Brimming with charisma, he urged the audience to sway their arms, leaving a memorable mark as they roared in approval by the end of his set.

As the excitement reached a fever pitch, a countdown clock appeared on the screen, and the O2 Arena buzzed with anticipation. At the thirty-second mark, all eyes turned to the side of the arena where Thirty Seconds To Mars were seated among the crowd, ready to kick off the show. This intimate connection with their audience, a hallmark of the band’s performances, underscores the deep mutual appreciation between the band and their fans, making everyone feel like they were part of something special.

Jared and Shannon Leto took the stage with the crowd’s enjoyment at the forefront. Jared’s interaction with the audience was outstanding, mainly when he performed ‘A Beautiful Lie’ while moving through the lower bowl seats. The concert officially launched with ‘Up In the Air,’ igniting the crowd with confetti and sparklers, followed by the powerful ‘Kings and Queens.’ The setlist, a testament to the band’s versatility and inclusivity, was a perfect blend of old and new, rock and alt-pop, catering to a wide array of musical preferences. ‘This Is War’ provided a head-banging moment, while the new track ‘Seasons’ brought a country flair that had everyone dancing. An impromptu fan’s roulette game added a surprise element, featuring snippets of three unexpected songs, further showcasing the band’s ability to cater to diverse musical tastes.

Jared commanded the stage with an authentic and magnetic presence, effortlessly delivering powerful and emotional vocals. His unique hair-covered shirt added a quirky element to his dynamic performance. The stage was ablaze with fire, confetti (which fell from the arena roof seemingly endlessly for a while) and sparks, creating a visual spectacle that perfectly complemented the band’s raw and energetic show. The stage setup, simple yet effective, with ample space for the band’s instruments and a small platform for Jared to jump on, emphasized the ‘madness’ they intended to create, immersing the audience in a whirlwind of excitement.

A standout moment of the night occurred early, during ‘Rescue Me,’ when Jared invited a group of fans onstage, their joy radiating throughout the arena. This level of interaction and the willingness to alter the setlist on the fly showcased Thirty Seconds To Mars’ deep appreciation for their audience. The concert concluded with ‘Closer to the Edge,’ as nearly a hundred fans joined the band onstage, creating an unforgettable finale.

In summary, Thirty Seconds To Mars delivered a night filled with high-energy performances, heartfelt connections, and genuine fan engagement, leaving a lasting impression on all who attended.

Review & Photos By Rebecca Bush –

Jagwar Twin Photos By Nick Davarias –

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