Interview: Call Of The Wild – Deadfire “I’m thinking the way the industry is now this is the dream. Who makes it? I just think that getting out and playing ace music to ace people and enjoying yourself is making it.”

Deadfire were able to tick Call of The Wild off their bucket list after bringing the roof down on the Trailblazer stage. Hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland they did what they came to do, play an ace show for ace people. Aggy caught up with front man Charlie Munro to talk about what it really means to ‘make it’ in the current era of rock n’ roll and how it’s important to not only judge a band by their records but to go and experience them first hand and to and support the live music scene.

How did it feel to play your first Call of The Wild festival set yesterday?

Charlie: Its one of those festivals we have wanted to play for ages. Our management knows Raz White and they have talked about us playing before but nothing really appeared. Raz had an opening at the Nightrain for the Trailblazer audition gig and we played that and nailed it. Raz loved us. It was also a venue we wanted to play for years anyway.

You guys mentioned to me yesterday you were quite nervous about the show because it was such a big deal to you all.

Charlie: Oh yeah definitely. This is probably the biggest festival we have played. It’s a great festival as well. It’s so good and obviously we’re pushing to get back next year, maybe on another stage. We have a lot riding on it.

I felt like you guys were my band of the day yesterday for sure. I think you could easily be on one of the bigger stages next time. I think your kind of show would fit that well.

Charlie: oh yeah of course. Bigger and better everytime if we can. We play the same if we play to three people or 300 people. It doesn’t matter.

So who started Deadfire?

Charlie: Me and the drummer are the only two original members. We were in a covers band like fifteen years ago. Then we had a couple of jams where we knocked out some riffs and some ideas. Started writing a couple of songs and stuff. Then came the age old f*cking debate of what do you call the band. Which is the worse thing on the planet trying to find a name for a band. You think of something cool and it’s been used and most of the things you say are sh*te. We spent about twelve hours in a pub trying to figure it out. Couldn’t figure it out. Then when the bass player was on his way home on the bus he messaged ‘Deadfire’. We were over it at that point and thought yeah that’ll dae! *Laughs*

So you are saying this is the biggest you have done so far. Whats the dream?

Charlie: I’m thinking the way the industry is now this is the dream. Who makes it? I just think that getting out and playing ace music to ace people and enjoying yourself is making it.

The UK music scene, we have our own things going on don’t we. We have bands that are massive in the UK that you may have never heard of outside of that.

Charlie: I also think the thing with the bands we know, the bigger bands of the likes of Spike is maybe different but the rest of the other bands they all have day jobs. They are the bands that bands like us aspire to be as big as. You see them on every poster and every festival. You think that’s the band to be. They all still have jobs, they have no ‘made it’. Like when people say ‘made it’. There’s no money in it anymore. Like I say just getting out and jamming and meeting ace people that’s made it.

What’s been your highlight of Call of The Wild this weekend?

Charlie: The highlight was starting the set to a neat enough empty tent and finishing the set to a ram packed tent.


Charlie: it’s the best compliment that a band can get.

Can you tell me about the EPs or albums you have out at the moment?

Charlie: We have actually been together for a very long time. For about eleven or twelve years. It was a hobby band for a long time. We have a really old EP, two albums and a newer EP. We have started instead of releasing albums and EPs just doing single. Cause you’re pushing it the same on social media and Spotify. We were thinking if we release singles each time and they get the same promo, videos everything made for them. Just something different to try out. Now we have stopped selling albums everyone is wanting us to sell albums *laughs* Nobody bought an album for f*cking years! *Laughs*

Are you working on anything now?

Charlie: We have a couple of new songs we are playing about with just now. They are done and we are just tweaking them. They will be recorded in August time.

Any sneak peek info?

Charlie: Nut

Nut!? *Laughs*

Charlie: Erm…No. You will hear them when you hear them I suppose *laughs*

What is your favourite song to perform?

Charlie: Two songs probably from our set. One is called ‘Bumsteer’ it’s quite a punky rocky number. Also the newest single ‘B.M.F’.

What would you say to anyone reading this now?

Charlie: It’s cliche as f*ck but check out Deadfire and give us a chance. Come see us live! Don’t judge a band by their records. Technology has taken over *laughs*. People who can’t play can record an awesome album. Just f*cking come and see bands live. Check out our social media for upcoming shows.

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Interview by Aggy Gillon

Photos by Nikita Sharp: Nikita Sharp Photography – Facebook