Review: Windwaker – Hyperviolence


Hyperviolence – Fearless Records

“Hyper-pop” springs to mind, chaotic pop music. Add some metal and you have a recipe for
tinnitus, which Australia’s Windwaker are obliging with album four, ‘Hyperviolence’.
If you love melodies that won’t quit alongside chunky riffs, then the likes of the energetic
“Infinity” and bludgeoning “Get Out” will sort you out, whilst the aggy “Fractured State Of
Mind” calls to mind Rings Of Saturn with those widdly-widdly-woo guitar lines.
Yet it’s “Venom” and “Tabula Rasa” that sees the band at their finest, mixing rap and trap
influences into the fold to masterful effect, whilst the bewitching melody line in “Venom” that
sounds like something from the harder levels in Crash Bandicoot marks this as the album’s
peak. Pop may be a dirty word in metal, but distilled down to impactful moments atop some bloody
good songs, Windwaker could very well convince those grumpier types that metal could use
a little pop.

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Review by Lee Carter