Review: Dead Flesh – Dehumanise EP

Dead Flesh

Dehumanise (EP) – Self Released

It’s undeniably true that adverse circumstances are conducive to great art, but if you are in any doubt then check out the new EP from Hertfordshire bruisers Dead Flesh. A deep dive into despair, depression and the current state of the nation, Dehumanise has a lyrical bent that harnesses proletarian rage and uses it to attack those running (ruining?) the country. It’s weighty stuff, but Dead Flesh deliver a weighty sound and the two conspire to serve up five cuts of prime deathcore. Introduced by a circular saw of a riff, ‘Born Into The Meat Grinder’ makes for the perfect opening gambit and sets the tone for the coming twenty minutes. Aided by a thick and creamy production, Dead Flesh attack with a wall of sound and are a musical steamroller crushing all in their path. The band are scrawling their music on every inch of sonic space, so much so that very little light penetrates and this creates a feeling of dark oppression; it’s bombastic, brutal and not for the faint hearted, but you kind of knew that on the way in. Dead Flesh have created quite a buzz in their locale with an incendiary sound, and Dehumanise is sure to take things nationwide.

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Review by Peter Dennis