Review: Sebastian Bach – Child Within The Man

Sebastian Bach

Child Within The Man – Reigning Phoenix Music

They say if it ain’t broken don’t try to fix it. And that’s the adage Sebastian Bach has taken with music for his whole career. Here once again he plays to his strengths which means ‘Child Within The Man’ doesn’t surprise but does absolutely rock out. It’s all there, the big riffs, huge hooks and of course that voice. The vocal chords sound in particularly fine fettle you have to say. This is a man that sounds like he’s enjoying every note. It’s a rolling back of the years statement that many can’t make. The writing suits Bach’s style too with everything from ballsy rock to power ballad heaven present. Ten year after previous outing ‘Give ‘Em Hell’ this is a long awaited and welcome return for one of rock music’s most enduring artists.

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Review by Gary Trueman