Review: Lowlives – Freaking Out


Freaking Out

Spinefarm Records

What are you listening to at the minute? Old favourites? Same! Does that worry you a bit though? Should we not be playing recently released fresh songs, lest we become … well, old and out of touch? Fear not! Step forward Lowlives. Raw, raucous, guitar wielding good guys who are dropping their debut album (i.e. new!!!) which blends the best of grungy, punk, metal and rock with reasoned lyrics, heavenly melodies, heavy riffs and hammering beats. ‘Freaking Out’ is the sound of nineties and noughties guitar music having a party with the older and wiser boys next-door. And we’re all invited. Wait! There’s somebody at the door. Come on in Alice in Chains, Smashing Pumpkins, Bush and Stone Temple Pilots! Come on in punching rhythms and gutsy riffs. ‘Freaking Out’ is a wild musical ride with a mature head on its shoulders. Long live Lowlives.

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Review by Jo Wright