Introducing: Message from the Ravens “Offers a unique blend of southern blues and indie folk music, with an earthy, hypnotic twist of the gothic.”

It’s not often you’re lured in by a siren song, but here we are. Message from the Ravens, a four-piece all-girl band based in Hastings, offers a unique blend of southern blues and indie folk music, with an earthy, hypnotic twist of the gothic. The band, comprising Lily Kim (electric guitar), Hannah Dennard (keys/organ and flute), Philly Pigot (drums), and Siddy Bennett on acoustic guitar (and yes… the Kazoo), is a musical journey you won’t want to miss.

There is no lead vocalist in Message from the Ravens, a choice that beautifully emphasises the band’s concept of spiritual connection and sisterhood. The singing parts are divided equally, showcasing each member’s unique vocal tone and range with a mixture of solo parts and technical harmonies. And boy, are those harmonies haunting. They evoke images of dancing witches and those who wronged them being dragged through the soil, bound with birch and painted in blood. 

Message from the Ravens draws influence from bands like Fleetwood Mac and their pagan roots, with lyrical topics such as mysticism and folklore. Not only does the band have a clean and ethereal sound, but each member brings a strong instrumental talent and equally strong vocals. 

Based in Hastings, the band is now gaining real momentum. Last year, they performed at Shambala, Secret Garden Party, Greenman, and Boomtown and supported artists such as Miranda Sex Garden and Seth Lakeman at Songs from the Sea. Their Spotify playlist disappointingly only holds two of their songs: ‘Jupiter’s Tears’ and their latest single, ‘Poison Apples’. While the playlist is tiny, it is a perfect taster of what the band is all about. 

Message from the Ravens takes you back to the roots you didn’t know you had, leaving a trail of a sweet and musky perfume behind so you are left wanting more.  

By Alice Bizarre

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