Review: My Diligence – Death, Horses, Black

My Diligence

Death, Horses, Black – Listenable Records

With a title that comes across as the start of a shopping list for the apocalypse you’d assume this is going to be quite a sombre affair. You’d be right, but it’s also sonically thunderous in all the right ways. There’s obviously metal as a foundation with structure courtesy of doom. The twist is the décor is, or at least sounds like shoe gaze; and that makes this record both interesting, and a bit mad. The fact that My Diligence have managed to make it sound so good is a credit to their skills as writers and musicians. You’d never be able to accuse them of following a trend. The production is sweet as a nut, dark, broody but crisp too. It plays a big part in lifting everything and allows you to really listen properly. This is an atmospheric gem that more informed heavy music lovers will love.

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Review by Gary Trueman