Review: Godeth – Path Of Destruction


Path Of Destruction – Self Released

Well now, those gritty northerners Godeth don’t muck about when it comes to straight to the point metal. The Leeds crew’s latest piece of blastorama is both beauteous and terrifying in equal measures. Deathly vocals compliment doomy riffs while some seriously impressive tempo changes make the faster material mosh-tastic. You can hear some classic influences in the mix from the obvious like Slipknot to the more buried nods to acts such as early Entombed. There’s more than enough variety to keep interest high without anything straying outside of the realm of horn throwing and head banging. People often ask where are the new metal heroes and with ‘Path Of Destruction’ Godeth have firmly put their hands, or should that be fists, in the air. This is a game changer for an already fine band.

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Review by Gary Trueman