Review: Dååth – The Deceivers


The Deceivers – Metal Blade

There are certain bands where you can put your house on their latest offering being
exquisite, and Dååth are most definitely one of them. What can complicate said guarantee is
an extended period of time between albums (thirteen years, in particular), and a few lineup
changes, but the Atlanta outfit make no mistake in returning with The Deceivers.
There is opulence aplenty on display, with orchestrations taking on a larger role this time out
to grand effect. The bombastic symphony of “Hex Unending” hits with the fancy glove, whilst
the appropriately pulverising “Punished By Vengeance” goes for the bare knuckle assault.
One thing is for sure: this comeback has been meticulously planned and viciously executed.
The classic Dååth musicianship is on display throughout, including the hints of exotic scale
work in the likes of “No Rest No End”, whilst the mixing brings it all together with glorious
aural aplomb – guitarist and URM founder Eyal Levi may know a thing or two about a good
album production.

As if there was not enough talent from the band, there are guest solos from a veritable who’s
who of shredders, including Jeff Loomis, Dean Lamb and Per Nilsson among others, to
compliment the ferocity. That their solos fit the band’s songwriting is further evidence of their
nous for this stuff. Berklee will do that for you.The Deceivers rips, and that is no lie.

Welcome back, gents – please don’t leave us again.

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Review by Lee Carter