Review: The Lunar Effect – Sounds Of Green & Blue

The Lunar Effect

Sounds of Green & Blue – Svart Records

Sounds of Green & Blue has been described as a “galactic journey through sound” and they are not wrong. This quartet from London fuse retro rock n roll, psychedelic and bluesy stylings with grunge and stoner influences. Their music is very reminiscent of some of the greats of the 70s, having a vintage vibe yet also sounding fresh. We can confidently say there is no filler on this album, and each track stands alone. The Lunar Effect have an ability to take different forms through their vocals and instrumentals while maintaining their own recognisable essence. The opener ‘Ocean Queen’ is a perfect example of how The Lunar Effect mingle together various genres and will have you groovin’ in your seat. The added distortion adds to their otherworldly sound. Their single release ‘Pulling Daises’ kicks off with just guitar and vocals and then pow, the other instrumentals come in heavier, crashing in and take you into another direction and dimension. One of the stand out tracks ‘Fear Before The Fall’ is a beautifully melodic ballad with a piano backdrop. We get a somewhat Lou Reed and David Bowie vibe with this one and it oozes that iconic 70s sound. The bluesy rock n roll guitar solo perfectly encapsulates the mood of the song. The Lunar Effect are masters of the ethereal and hypnotic which has the ability to hook the listener right in.

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Review by Aggy Gillon