Live Review: Heart Of A Coward, The Key Club, Leeds

We are at the Key Club in Leeds for an evening of diversity with a bill that includes wildly different takes on genres that end with the term, core. The Beauty and the beast are both in attendance it seems…

Impale open proceedings with some energetic youthful hardcore with metal leanings and get a few spin kickers spinning. Lots of excellent riffs and a solid rhythm section means that they deliver and energetic opening spot and get the crowd killers ready for the next act.

Pintglass take to the stage, and we’re intrigued to see what this band is all about after we saw them suited and booted in Hi-Vis jackets and hardhats on the Internet. There does seem to be a buzz going around about these guys so let’s see why that is. We are happy to report that this is about as working-class British as boisterous hardcore gets, the very definition of rowdy. It’s a really fun take, performed by a bunch of guys who do look legitimately scary with everyone bar the singers disguising their faces but they’re probably quite a good laugh in real life…we think. There’s a lot of no messing energy on stage and we can see why they’re a hot topic at the moment. The twin vocal attack (one guttural, one shouty and punky) is very effective and the word, “geezer” gets thrown about a lot. We can see this ‘orrible lot doing a lot of damage this summer, watch out for the Hi Vis jackets and balaclavas! Triggered samples that shout “Farrrk!” get the crowd responding enthusiastically of course. Yep we’re sold, but we’re slightly scared too!

After that showing most bands would have a touch of trepidation, but most bands aren’t Heart Of A Coward. Bursting on stage with a gargantuan ‘Monstro’, what follows on this Sunday evening is a masterclass in metalcore! Alongside Bury Tomorrow, Heart Of A Coward are international ambassadors for the true sound of UK metalcore. Frontman Kaan Tasan sounds colossal tonight Backed up with rock solid slabs of heavy weight riffing and an airtight rhythm section. Smashing down ‘Hollow’ with utmost intensity It’s a total assault from the off. The soaring dark industrial synths really come alive in the live environment adding atmosphere and texture to tracks like the awesome ‘Decay’, touches like this elevate HOAC from the pack. In Kaan they have a truly great frontman with charisma and positivity for days, it’s a breath of fresh air. The crowd obliging in an impressive circle pit. Heart Of A Coward are clearly a persistent and passionate tour de force under any circumstances.

Tonight, in Leeds the band show that they will destroy any crowd you put in front of them. As ‘Collapse’ brings its irrepressible bounce all thoughts of Heart of a Coward being upstaged are firmly laughed at. Golden oldie ‘Shade’ sounds utterly ferocious, and definitely provokes many a screw face. Kaan sounds utterly pitch perfect hitting highs and lows sometimes in the same breath, proof that being melodic doesn’t have to mean losing heft. Closing with roars of, “I don’t give a fuck!” The band bow out with ‘Deadweight’ and seal the deal with one last ten-ton breakdown.

This gig was a game of two very different halves playing two very different games which side of it you stand on or indeed near is entirely up to you, but I’d definitely keep your wits about you down the front!

Review & All Photos By George Miller –



Heart Of A Coward