Review: Aerial Salad – R.O.I

Aerial Salad

R.O.I – Venn Records

This Mancunian trio describe their sound as ‘Madchester Punk’. They are a fresh mix of Post Punk, Indie and Rock n’ Roll while still maintaining their roots in the DIY Punk sound and scene. Aerial Salad are taking no prisoners and pride themselves on their meaningful and often anti-establishment themed lyrics and songs which exude attitude and passion. Their sound is unmistakably British which adds to their grittiness and charm. ‘The Same 24 Hours (As Beyoncé)’talks about how unauthentic the mainstream can be with lyrics discussing how they often don’t bother about politics or poverty but they often “benefit from it”. ‘Tied to Pieces of Paper’ is quite a funky sounding track.. A single release accompanied by a music video it is definitely one of the stand out songs on the album and really has some depth and swagger to it. ‘MDRN LVN’ swings right in with melodic yet punchy guitars and drums and is one of the heavier tracks with Jamie Munro doing hardcore style vocals. ‘As The World Eats Itself’ has elements of old school Punk Rock bringing in modern flavours giving it an up to date sound. The lyrical content, although about modern times, could be applied to previous generations which gives it a timeless feel. ‘Do You Like Your Flowers Son’ is melodic and brooding and another stand out track which adds another string to their bow. Throughout, the lads give a nod to their influences which include Happy Mondays, XTC, Carter USM, Yard Act, Shame, and High Vis. Authentic, full of fervour and turning their backs on convention while effortlessly pulling together a mix of genres they produce a distinctive Aerial Salad sound. The band are set to go on a UK tour in May so be sure to keep an eye out for a show near you. 

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Review by Aggy Gillon