Review: Sonata Arctica – Clear Cold Beyond

Sonata Arctica

Clear Cold Beyond – Atomic Fire

Myth and magic has always featured heavily in the Sonata Arctica realm.  In fact it’s been at the heart of metal almost since it came into being. It’s escapism at its finest. Now though on ‘Clear Cold Beyond’ we hear the actual reality of our possible collective worldly demise in song, and it’s a bit scary. The message is clear; we are destroying our future. But these are uplifting songs that also show us a way out, if we choose to take it. You can only imagine how the big skies and northern lights play such a huge role in how music from bands like this is created. Sonata Arctica are at their finest here with powerful writing, some great guitar playing and passionate vocals. This album is a vibrant rallying cry that focuses the mind while still letting you rock out.

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Review by Gary Trueman