Review: Idles – TangK



Partisan Records

We’ve seen bands swerve unexpectedly from a course of safety before. More recently it’s become something of a career move happening so frequently that consecutively similar works are now the surprises. Idles though have less changed course and more the mode of transport altogether. This new offering it has to be said reeks of bursting talent. It vibes the left field acts that graced the 70s and 80s, the ones that always produced the big WTF moments and had hits with them. Tangk isn’t the most immediate of listens. It’s the awkward kid at school that is unpredictable and scares the teachers much to the amusement of the rest of the class. Listen a few times though and it makes more sense. The writing, the rhythms and the arrangements grow on you. Tangk is a brave album to put out, but it is also a high quality piece of work worthy of some time invested to discover its inner workings.

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Review by Gary Trueman