Review: Infected Rain – Time

Infected Rain
Time – Napalm Records

‘Time’ exists around Lena Scissorhands. One of the finest alt vocalists the world has ever
seen, everything about her is fierce. Fiiiii-eeeeerce. ‘Never To Return’ – a few seconds of
singing dripping with honey, the rest of the song spitting out a swarm of highly agitated bees.
‘Lighthouse’ – hypnotic with no high note unconquered. ‘The Answer Is You’ – rabid and
harsh. What words do you use to describe singers who are absolutely outstanding at what
they are doing these days? Because ‘bloody good’ just doesn’t cut it. Wait! There’s music
too! Mmmhmm. And it does justice to Lena’s insane vocal performance – that is the highest
level of praise. Pulverising opener ‘Because I Let You’ is like an album in itself, with every
type of vocal imaginable (and some yet to be discovered), with nu metal followed by a
smattering of light keys and a slight pulse of a beat which explodes back to life into
screaming electronica and mesmerising melodic metal. Throughout ‘Time’ riffs are hurled all
over the place, twanging thrashing, grooving, even djenting about. Musically the album has
no boundaries and no filter. No sound is safe from the sphere Infected Rain has drawn from.
Friends, 2024 has only just begun. Devo knows better than to drop the cliché that ‘Time’
could well be an album of the year. But she just. Can’t. Help. Herself.

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Review by Jo Wright