Review: Kit Trigg – Goin’ For Glory EP

Kit Trigg

Goin’ For Glory EP – Earache Distribution

It’s cold outside, it’s wet, and windy. You’re struggling to heat your house and even the prospect of a round man squeezing down your chimney with presents isn’t exactly lighting you up with enthusiasm.  What you want is summer. Well Kit Trigg may not have mastered weather control just yet but they’ve done the next best thing, they’ve released an EP which is the sun in musical form. Love a bit of feel good rock and roll? Love plenty of groove, chill guitar and vocals with boyish charm? If so this is for you with baubles on. What you get is four tracks that sound like they’ve been written and produced by giants of the scene rather than an emerging act. This EP is a blast, it’s fun and it even has a wonderfully understated ballad too. If Kit Trigg can make you feel this good with an EP then we can’t wait for a full album. Remember the name, if there’s any justice you’ll be hearing it a lot soon.

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Review by Gary Trueman