Review: The Seafloor Cinema – The Seafloor Cinema

The Seafloor Cinema
The Seafloor Cinema – Pure Noise Records

Good music shouldn’t be about labels or genre classifications, but about how it makes you feel
and I must admit that The Seafloor Cinema’s eponymously-titled new album has me feeling
pretty darn good. Hailing from the sun-kissed climes of California, this crew peddle an uplifting
brand of pop-punk, but what sets them apart from their peers is a technical ability, a propensity
that finds them wrapping complexity up in simplicity. Often math-rock is the preserve of real ale
drinking, beard-stroking, serious types, but in the hands of this crew it becomes a sparkling
beaujolais that sends bubbles tickling your nostrils. It’s the frivolity of pop-punk coupled with the
studiousness of math-rock that makes this record such an intriguing listen, and that’s best
exemplified by latest single ‘Dolly Parton Vs The Government’, a song that’s sure to illuminate
many a dark evening like a lighthouse on a rocky cove. The Seafloor Cinema have a reputation
for being musical alchemists, fusing different styles, and often with explosive results. That’s an
aesthetic they bring to this album with everything from indie rock to speed metal thrown into the
mix, and the result is a cinematic affair that’s screened in bright Technicolor.

Review by Peter Dennis