Review: Cobra Spell – 666

Cobra Spell

666 – Napalm Records

Full of fire, passion and attitude Cobra Spell have unleashed their killer debut album ‘666’. The Women led sleaze rock quintet from the Netherlands are firecrackers and you hear all about it in this body of work. Opening with the title track is an instrumental that is very reminiscent from the opening song for Stranger Things, it’s very 80s and sprinkled with synths. ‘S.E.X’ is all about owning your sexuality and being badass while you’re at it and truly embodies the glam sleaze rock n’ roll era. The performances and production of the album is impeccable and truly takes you back to the energy of the 80s hay days on the sunset strip. The faultless guitar work by Sonia Anubis (only original standing member) and Noele Dos Anjos is slick on every track, many brimming with solos. A few tracks have quite an old school poppy and fun edge to them including ‘Bad Girls Club’ while maintaining their perfectly crafted edge. ‘Fly Away’ is a heartfelt and melancholy ballad about a love that is lost which shows their softer side. ‘Warrior From Hell’ is a definite stand out track which you won’t forget in very long time, it’s the most memorable right off the bat in terms of how catchy it is. Kristina Vega is a powerhouse who’s vocals pair well with the lyrics and instruments. ‘You’re  A Cheater’ is an upbeat sounding track which is also massive f*ck you to those who have mistreated your heart. ‘High On Your Love’ describes perfectly the feeling when you are in the throes of passion and being absolutely love sick but loving every moment. If you want some glam, classic, sleaze rock n roll from a female perspective (which lets be honest is refreshing) then you will definitely enjoy this album. This debut is going to be the start of something special for Cobra Spell.

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Review by Aggy Gillon