Review: Odd Crew – Dark Matters Part II

Odd Crew
Dark Matters Part II – Drakkar Entertainment
You know how we don’t deserve dogs? With their unquestioningly friendly nature and wholesome doggy goodness? In an odd (couldn’t resist – sorry) sort of way, we don’t really deserve Odd Crew either. Twenty five years of intricate metal from Bulgaria’s finest, whose line-up remains unchanged and whose music has never stopped evolving and challenging. A quarter decade of rocking out and drawing fans in. ‘Dark Matters Part II’ – Odd Crew’s new eight track masterpiece is a solid, sound exploring affair. Its tracks are confident, telling considered tales, with every note and lyric drawing you further and further in. Settle down to listen to this record and in just minutes you are fully immersed in its soundscapes, and focused only on the four-piece’s unique brand of melodic, futuristic metal. What have we done to deserve these lyrics? These vocals? This music? Whatever it is keep the faith people. We have been blessed with Odd Crew for a good few years now, and we don’t want the music to stop.

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Review by Jo Wright