Review: The Rattlebacks – Kink

The Rattlebacks

Kink – Self Released

Kink is the debut EP by the hard rock five-piece The Rattlebacks hailing from Brighton. The opening track ‘Rattleback’ which has an accompanying music video bursts straight into pounding drums and lots of guitars accompanied by an undeniably catchy hook. The song evolves into some slick guitar solos and by the end, you really start to get a feel of Josh Clarke’s vocal capabilities which with *spoiler* gets more impressive as the record goes on. ‘Amon’ is a heavier track and opens with a mighty and unexpected roar from Clarke. ‘Burn It Down’ feels like it is going to be a slightly grungy song and then they ease in some psychedelic guitars before hitting you with that hard rock edge. The song has bluesy vibes perfectly framed by Clarke’s melodic vocals and is a definite stand-out track on this EP. To finish off we have ‘Favourite Son’ where the guitars really take centre stage, you can almost see the smoke billowing on those fiery riffs. There are a few things this release isn’t lacking and that is passion, talent and energy. Every part of the machine that is The Rattlebacks plays an integral role in giving them that extra something which helps make them stand apart from their counterparts.These guys pride themselves on being a ‘live band’ and have dates across the UK until early December, so why not check them out for yourselves.

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Review by Aggy Gillon