Review: Youth Fountain – Together In Lonesome

Youth Fountain

Together In Lonesome – Pure Noise Records

On paper the fusion of pop-punk and emo might seem an oxymoron; the former is characterised by fast-paced tempos and mosh pits, while the latter is associated with confessional lyrics and social alienation. However, it is precisely this juxtaposition that makes Youth Fountain work so well, and it is the constant push and pull between the energetic and the emotional that makes Together In Lonesome such a rewarding listen. On first spin you’d be forgiven for thinking that this album dates from the mid-noughties, and if it does have a whiff of nostalgia about it it’s because vocalist Tyler Zanon has reached deep into his psyche to heal old wounds, and open new. The type of introspective lyricism found on this album, the band’s third, only works when its heartfelt and there’s no question to the authenticity of that on offer here. If that all seems a tad maudlin, then there’s the buoyant bounce of tracks such as ‘Identical Days’ to lift your spirits. It’s as if we are being pulled between light and shade, but one thing is certain; thanks to Together In Lonesome, heartache has never sounded so good.

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Review by Peter Dennis