Review: Annisokay – Abyss Pt1

Abyss Pt 1 – Arising Empire
If there is one thing Germany is guaranteed to deliver, then it is quality heavy metal. Ever since
the genres inception they’ve churned out an array of amazing bands, and spearheading the
current crop of young hopefuls are Annisokay. Since forming in 2007, they’ve been at the cutting
edge of heavy music and their latest EP, Abyss Pt 1, finds them reaching further into the
beckoning void. ‘Into The Abyss’ is a crystalline introduction that sparkles and shimmers, and its
other-worldly feel makes the perfect foil for ‘Human’ which wakes us like a splash of cold water
in the face. From the clean and harsh vocals to the loud and quiet passages via the heavy yet
emotive sound, Annisokay are a pleasing tension of opposites, and these juxtapositions hold the
listener in a vice like grip over six songs. Aided by an expansive production this EP sounds
absolutely enormous, and no matter at what volume it’s played, it owns the room. My only gripe
with this recording is that it’s too darn short; it gives us a taste of paradise that disappears as
quickly as it arrives, but true to the old adage, it certainly leaves us hungry for more!

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Review by Peter Dennis