Review: Blackbriar – A Dark Euphony


A Dark Euphony – Nuclear Blast Records

Sticking firmly to what they do best Blackbriar have taken the mystical fantasy theme and moulded it into something fit for 2023. ‘A Dark Euphony’ is an album that let’s your imagination run wild, just as it should. The symphonic resonance is bolstered by astute writing and a studious balance of instruments in the production. The full sound you get with a six piece manages to be orchestral without getting all bogged down. Zora Cock’s vocals cut through everything like a beautifully wielded sopranic broad sword. The combination of delicacy and power in her voice allows you to fully engage with each song. The title of this excellent work basically means ‘a dark sound pleasing to the ear’ and it is exactly that, and more. Blackbriar just levelled up.

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Review by Gary Trueman