Review: She Burns Red – Out Of Darkness

She Burns Red
Out of Darkness – Self Released

Music is everything – obviously. But when we tell you one member of She Burns Red suffered an
illness that almost paralysed them, and one had a brain operation, you have to agree that there is
more to be taken into consideration than the group’s music. So, to copy from their press release,
‘hope, trust and humanity’ are at this band’s core. ‘Out of Darkness’ is, by the way, bloody brilliant.
Riff laden, drum pounding, manic guitaring ‘Touch’ is full of power, passion and ‘woah woah-ahs’.
‘Killing Time’ takes the pace a tiny notch downwards, which creates tense verses and an intense
chorus. This debut album is a sleek affair. It’s well produced. She Burns Red can clearly play. Cliché
incoming – it doesn’t get any better than this. Hard rock at its finest.

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Review by Jo Wright