Review: Screaming Dead – Ride With The Dead

Screaming Dead

Ride With The Dead – Self Released

You could argue that horror punk had its beginnings with acts like the Screaming Dead. They must have been one of the first bands to make use of corpse paint, and play music with a horror them to it. Well now these veterans are back with a brand new album, and do you know what? It’s really rather good. You can hear the little bits of the Ramones and The Damned in the mix but this is a harder take on things, it’s a grittier record fit for release now rather than decades ago. It’s refreshing to hear an older group of musicians put out a set of songs that sound bang up to date. It’s all very tight and has just the right amount of polish. The vocals are set perfectly in the production which makes the lyrics punch though without ever overwhelming the instruments. Ride with the dead? Hell yes! Can we have a front row seat please?

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Review by Gary Trueman