Review: Tarah Who? – The Collaboration Project

Tarah Who?

The Collaboration Project – Kurukulla Records

Like a tsunami the pandemic threatened to wash away the music industry with artists unable to travel or perform at venues. The internet provided some relief with live streams, but many struggled. It could have turned into an everyone for themselves situation but it didn’t for the most part. Tarah Who? sums up the spirit of cooperation with this aptly titled album ‘The Collaboration Project’. It is exactly what it says, a musical collaboration highlighting not only Tarah Who? as ones to watch but other less well known artists too. ‘Push Me’ features Yur Mum, a duo not unfamiliar to Devolution readers. It’s a typically raucous affair that will only serve to enhance both band’s reputations. ‘The Collaboration Project’ is filled with these little gems twinkling invitingly at you to press play and repeat. Tarah Who? have made a fine record, and the best bit is it’s been done with cooperation and support at its core.

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Review by Gary Trueman