Interview: Herma Sick (Sick N Beautiful) “Coming here and seeing all these young people listening to music it gives me so much energy.”

Forget Area 51. Why would aliens go to some stuffy desert? Rome is a much nicer place. So that’s where intergalactic travellers and bad ass rock band Sick N Beautiful settled. Three albums in and they’re still here on earth. Gary Trueman chatted to singer Herma about record number three, touring with Wednesday 13 and her views on the best and worst of humanity.

You brought out your third album ‘Starstruck’ last year which was well received. It has a different vibe from earlier records, did you change how you go about writing. What factors played a part in shaping it?

“It was different to previous ones because it was born in the Covid lockdown. So we could focus on what we were feeling at the time and focus on producing as we own a studio. We were able to work closely on the songs. I think the album also shows how we were feeling at the time because there is a lot of darkness and rage, our feelings at that time were very strong. I think it’s a more intimate album.”

Musicians progressing and maturing reflects in their music and writing. Do you think that’s true of Sick N Beautiful and that you can hear that in ‘Starstruck’?

“Yes I think so. It’s more complicated in a technical way. We have a new guitar player who is a shredder, he adds more complexity. And the lyrics are more complex. I don’t want to say we lost the wish to be a party band because we still have party songs, but this time we wanted to take it a bit more seriously.”

You must be so happy to be out touring again after being shut away for so long?

“It’s a dream come true. We’ve completed a lot of touring this year and at some points it did feel like it was never going to happen again. We’re so happy to do this tour in the UK because for the first time we’re playing in front of a lot of people. We played five years ago but they were small clubs. This time we have the chance to meet a lot of people and we’re getting a lot of feed back. That gives us the strength to keep pushing on into the future.”

It’s a really strong tour with Wednesday 13, South Of Salem and Tarah Who? Also on the bill isn’t it? How has this tour been for you and how have the crowds reacted to Sick n Beautiful?

“I have to say I’m a big fan of Wednesday 13 from before so to play with them is a dream. Then we met South Of Salem and Tarah Who? And they’re such nice people and great musicians. The bill I think it’s perfect because the bands go from alternative to goth and metal. I can see in the crowd that it’s their kind of music.”

Do you think Joey Draper from South Of Salem is the most polite man in rock?

“I don’t know if there are any men more polite. He’s super kind and super cute too…….”

Starstruck hasn’t been out that long but are you thinking about writing again yet?

“We already started writing songs. Our wish is to come out with a new album next year but that will depend on us and the label. I can say that we are going more in a heavier direction.”

Does that put more of a strain on you as a vocalist?

“ No, actually the thing is that it’s coming naturally. I’m just starting to do growls and learning to do that. I can’t wait to do more of this in the music. Back years ago we were more pop rock but now our fans and our live show have gone more in a metal direction.”


You’ve made your home in Rome but originate from much further away. Humans must seem like an odd species to you even though you’ve integrated really well. So what do you think is the best of humanity?

“We used to say that the thing we most love about earth was food and kitties and all the cute stuff, but now that we’re into a very macho phase in our career here I have to say the best thing is the music and the music scene. Being here in the UK and seeing all these rock and metal clubs is pretty new to us because in Italy there aren’t so many. Coming here and seeing all these young people listening to music is gives me so much energy. It’s like another world. So right now the thing I most like about earth is being able to play music and connect with people.”

What about the flip side of things, what is the worst of humanity?

“There are a lot of things that are bad about humanity. The first thing that comes to me is cruelty to animals. That’s the thing that kills me the most.”

Are you looking to stay on Earth for some time yet, rocking out with your music?

“Yes I’d like to be able to travel more and reach more fans.”

If you could time travel what would you like to go back and change if anything?

“I would go back and visit myself and tell me to start earlier and do the same thing I’m doing now.”

If Sick N Beautiful decided that they were going to go back to their home planet what one band or person would you want to take with you to show your species this is where we’ve been?

“I would say Amy Lee probably. She was the person who led me to want to be a singer.”

So which Amy Lee song would you most like to cover?

“I Love them all but I think then one I’d love to sing is ‘Going Under’. It’s just an amazing song. And the video shocked me when it came out, her dress and her hair, hitting the stage in that song. It kind of blew my mind. It’s iconic.”

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Interview and photos by Gary trueman