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Headstone Horrors

Headstone Horrors – Self released

Spooky punksters Headstone Horrors have carved a niche out all for themselves over the last few years. They have earned a reputation as one of the best groups the underground music scene has to offer. So it’s no surprise that a band that has put in the hard yards should deliver such a strong album. This eponymous set of songs has all the pounding rhythms and fierce guitar work you could possibly want. It also has in Natalie Thornton a genuinely memorable vocalist who manages to snarl the lyrics while her voice stays crisp and clean – no mean feat! The production errs towards a garage sound which suits perfectly. You can just shut your eyes and imagine you’re at a gig. And these songs will rock live make no mistake. With punk finding itself in a similar situation to metal in that the old bands are clinging on while many members are hitting octogenarian status the scene needs newer bands to step up. Based on this outing Headstone Horrors look well placed to start filling some of that inevitable void. And boy do they deserve to!

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Review by Gary Trueman