Review: The Shit Talkers – Quack

The Shit Talkers

Quack – Self released

Coming from the Slits school of punk the Shit Talkers may well speak it but sound like they don’t take any of it. This mini album is full of quirky life observations, pounding rhythms and edgy guitar work. It’s not a complicated record. It’s not pretending to be anything it isn’t. That said the production is well balanced and the song writing never gets dull. The vocals come in with just the right amount of clarity without being too clean. They’re pretty rapid fire most of the time too. It’s a set of songs that you just know will kick ass live. ‘Quack’ doesn’t duck (sorry – not sorry) any punches, it just stands up strong and dares you not to leap about and have fun. The Shit Talkers once again prove to be far from shit musicians.

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Review by Gary Trueman