Review: Palaye Royale – Fever Dream

Palaye Royale

Fever Dream

Sumerian Records

It’s just over two years since Palaye Royale released last album ‘The Bastards’ now that era is coming to an end and a new dawn is breaking with latest offering ‘Fever Dream’. The rich world these three brothers have created is about to burst into full bloom and it’s definitely something you want to be here for. The whole album is full of catchy hooks, toe tapping, head nodding drums and anthemic singalong choruses.

We have already had a peek through the window with no less than six singles to date and it’s clear that we only barely scratched the surface of where they were willing to take us emotionally with ‘The Bastards’. This album is beautifully vulnerable and raw, it goes to the darkest reaches of emotion and leaves nothing unturned and it does it with insane guitar riffs and solos, blistering pounding drums, sensational vocals and lyrics that cut right to the core!

The structure of the track list is inspired, it truly is a journey, and it builds and builds into the most incredible crescendo of a final track and outro. All the elements you love are here and they have been elevated and expanded on with the swell of orchestral arrangements, strings and choirs are lavish and rich bringing a much bigger sound.

Remington Leith’s vocal range is vast and impressive illustrated from the get-go with opener ‘Eternal Life’ which has a soft breathiness in the verse’s that evolve into guttural screams bursting from him when the chorus hits. He sings with such passion, and it evokes such an emotive response ”take me far from me, my worst enemy I want to crawl away into eternal life” lyrics that hit you right in the feels and we’re only on track one!

This entire album would make an ideal set list for a live show all on its own there are quiet poignant moments with tracks such as ‘Oblivion’ an achingly beautiful song that pulls hard at the heart strings with haunting piano and a huge operatic build up. I challenge you to listen without shedding a tear! And ‘Line it up’ a sway worthy collaboration with singer / songwriter LP that is truly wonderful. Their voice compliments Remington’s perfectly and adds a whole new dimension. Then there are full on crowd jumping tracks such as ‘Toxic In You’ and the arms in the air, room swaying track and latest single ‘Lifeless Stars’.

Everything you need is here, producer Chris Greatti clearly has a deep understanding of the band and what makes them tick and knows how to bring the absolute best of their combined influences and talents to the surface, not only is he a very talented producer but also a musician in his own right and even appears in the video for title track ‘Fever Dream’ with a phenomenal guitar solo. The song encapsulates the album perfectly and is a wonderful example of the grandeur and sheer magnitude of what has been presented here. This is clearly an album created from deep within. There is pain, joy, dark, light and lots of attitude! Palaye Royale continue to impress, and the only way is up into the stratosphere from here on out.

Release Date: October 28th 2022


Reviewed By Rebecca Bush