Live Review: Delilah Bon/Trunc/Bizarre Fae

Delilah Bon/Trunc/Bizarre Fae

The Key Club, Leeds – 1/10/2022

With fairy wings and an impish demeanour Bizarre Fae might at first glance seem a little cutesy for this gig. But there’s a glint in the eye, and of course they’ve been hand-picked to kick this event off by the headliner. It’s a commanding performance. There’s anger and power in equal measure, the rapping style softened with electronica tones. Above all Fae can not only sing (they really can sing and then some) they can channel real emotion. The Key Club is held spellbound from first note to last.

Changing the mood a little are Trunc who offer alt rock infused with jazz undertones mainly thanks to the understated but magnificent drumming. The trio weave intricate threads together letting go just enough to keep that tempo on point. Guitars are handled with great aplomb. It’s obvious these guys can play to an incredibly high level, the music just flows. In keeping with the evening the lyrics deal with social injustice in many of its forms.  It’s a winning combination.

Delilah Bon has plenty to say and she’s not just making music with an agenda, she’s started a movement. She’s mobilising young women to stand up for themselves, she’s helping to arm a new generation with a voice that can be heard. She brings the girls forward in the crowd, men reluctant to give way are asked if they really don’t know what this show is all about. And it’s all done with a sense of fun and in a place where women (in fact anyone) can feel safe. This event, and it is an event, it’s much more than just a gig offers hope of a better future. The music of course is important. Bon has the songs in abundance. The hip hop beats and the punk rock screams. DJ Golden Axe and Ruena on bass add depth to the show, they also make Delilah Bon a sisterhood on stage reinforcing the spirit of unity. You can’t help but feel this is just the beginning of something very special.

Review and photos by Gary Trueman