Interview: The Rebellion Tapes – Thee Acid Tongue

We caught up with Thee Acid Tongue after their set at Rebellion Festival. A multi-talented bunch consisting of four great mates doing what they do best, having fun and making music together. We discuss future releases and what makes the band tick. The band are, Tracey on bass, Steve on drums, Dave plays guitar and Tommy is the vocalist. Asking the questions was Aggy Gillon.

Is this the first time you are playing Rebellion?

Dave “We have played in different guises. Me and Tommy the singer play in Drongos for Europe. Drongos played Thursday night. We have played every Rebellion. I left Drongos about five years ago now and we started Thee Acid Tongue and needed the singer and that’s when Tommy came in”

What did you think of your set today?

Dave “We had a great time yeah. Really good”

Tracey “It was full and we didn’t think it would be full at half twelve so were really chuffed!”

Can you tell us about the releases you have out at the moment?

Dave “We have got one album at the moment which is ‘Snake Rattle and Roll’. Then we have got a couple of singles out. We are in the studio at the moment doing another album. That will probably be done in the next four months”

Tracey “It’s going to be called ‘Lick my Lolly’”

Steve “We’re looking at around six tracks if not more. We’re excited about that. We have about four already recorded but we want to add to them”

Dave “We’ll maybe get about ten tracks on the album”

For those who don’t know how would you describe your band, what’s your story?

Tracey “So, we’re melodic, street punk and roll with a bit of flair. We like to do a little bit of a show. We have fun as well and I think that really shows. If you’re not having a laugh or enjoying your set, you know?”

Dave “There are a lot of bands that look quite miserable. It’s not hard work to have fun you know”

Exactly, you’re up there doing what you love.

Traecy “That’s it. Especially since we’re a couple us two *gestures to Dave* It makes it even more fun”

Steve “It’s not that we like to think we do think we are a little bit different to a lot of other bands. We’re not just all heads down bang bang bang see you at the end. We try and write to a degree a lot of melodic choruses or verses”

Tracey “Anthemic”

Steve “Anthemic, yeah”

Who would you say are your influences?

Dave “Who knows…All the band listens to different things. We are kind of all in the same ballpark. Steve likes a lot of rock music. I listen to a lot of alternative music from my day, Nick Cave and Idols..”

Tracey “I’m very much into post-punk”

Dave “Like Super Suckers and stuff like that. We have a mix but we all meet in the middle”

Have you got many shows coming up over the rest of the year?

Tracey “Were busy but our singer is having an operation”

Dave “That is going to put us back about two months but after that…Up until now, we have been really busy. It’s looking good and we will put it on hold for a couple of months”

What has been your favourite festival to play over the years?

Dave “I would say Rebellion”

Tracey “I was gonna say Rebellion. Rebellion is your pinnacle. I have played in various bands here and on every stage. Every stage is different. It’s just so friendly and we really enjoy it”

Dave “It’s a family vibe here”

Tracey “I have been here since Wednesday partying and drinking”

Steve “I turned up last minute”

Dave “There’s Tommy our singer heading over here now…”

Out of all of your songs, what is the favourite for you to play?

Tracey “Mine are Electric Head and Sex Drugs Rock n Roll”

Steve “It’s getting harder as whatever set you do you’re finding you have to drop songs and I generally like all of them. I could say Radio which we don’t play. Out of what we played today I would probably say Bullets and Broken Glass, it’s just got that continuous thumping groove all the way through it. No change on the drums, just a thumping groove. You can play it on autopilot as everyone else is putting the icing on the cake”

Dave “All of them” *all laugh*

Tommy “If I had to pick one it would probably be Electric Head. I remember when we wrote the song it came together really easy. The end product, it’s a great song”

So has this always been the lineup, you guys?

Dave “Keith, our friend from Canada played second guitar. After the lockdown, he couldn’t be with us anymore and that is how we ended up as a four-piece”

Tommy, what did you think of your set today?

Tommy “I enjoyed it. I found it hard as we have been here since Wednesday. I have done two gigs with my other band Drongos on Wednesday and Thursday”

You feeling it now?

Tommy “Yeah, a bit. Drinking too much and talking too much but we have had a great time”

Have you done any shows outside of the UK?

Dave “Not yet but Europe is the easy one for us as we have a lot of friends there. Brexit makes it a little bit awkward but that’s where we would like to go”

Have you got anything you would like to say to your fans or for anyone looking to check your music out?

Tommy “If you see us play we have a lot of fun. If it’s not fun then none of us want to do it. I think if the audience see us having fun it’s easier for them to get into it and enjoy it as well”

Tracey “Come and see us and have a drink with us”

Tommy “Were not pretending to be anything other than what you see on stage. Just four great mates having a good time writing decent songs and trying to be slightly different to most”

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Interview and photos by Aggy Gillon