Review: InVisions – Deadlock


Deadlock – Self Released

Released on Feb 11th 2022


This is the third album from this Yorkshire metalcore band. They’ve built up a strong local following that is transforming into a national fanbase and it’s easy to see why. Deadlock is everything you’d expect from the band, guttural screams, crushing drums, and frenetic riffs galore. The band has matured a lot and songs like Annihiliist stand out for their production and sound quality. They sound like they have the backing of a major label, so to create something this good and have it self-released is nothing short of a marvel. If you’re into metalcore then this is a must have album for the collection. It won’t be a surprise if this is the album that makes the labels sit up and notice and I can fully expect the band to not only become huge in the UK, but also across Europe and America in the not too distant future.

Review by Mark Bestford