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Magnolia Bayou

Strange Place – Self Released

Been running around a lot lately? Not enough hours in the day? ‘Strange Place’ is the soundtrack to slowing you down. Taking it easy. Not a lot of good can come from rushing, you know. The same can’t be said for this mellow soulful goodness 11 track treat, however. Ladies and gentlemen, for your enjoyment and inner fulfilment, the storytelling lyrics of ‘Sleepin’ In The Dog House’ and ‘The Robber’. Even the most hardcore of death metal fans will smile and sway along to the gorgeous ‘Sweet Magnolia’. These Mississippi based southern blues rockers blend intriguing tales with kicked back licks. They paint pictures with their songs, weaving rich tapestries with their tunes, which sound like they came into being after epic all night long jamming sessions. ‘Strange Place’ is an absolute joy.

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Review by Jo Wright