Review: Sinsid – Mission From Hell



Mission From Hell – Pitch Black Records


The record cover. The song titles. Brace yourself. Because before you’ve even heard a note, you know this is gonna be serious metal. Opening instrumental ‘The Sinsid Prelude’ is dark and foreboding. A soundtrack to entering the belly of the beast. The guts are ripped out on track two ‘Steel Riders’ as (former pro wrestler) Terje Singh Sidhu’s distinctive growl gets the demolition job going. ‘Hellhammer’, ‘Sons Of The North’ and ‘Union Sign’ are instant headbanging shout-alongs. Terje’s almost operatic vocals build into massive choruses time and time again. Basically, ‘Mission From Hell’ couldn’t be more metal if it was hammered over an anvil. The menacing guitars and snarling vox of ‘Infernal Pit’ lure you inside, before ‘Revenge By Death’ crash-lands and unleashes four amazing minutes of expert metal craftsmanship. Musical quality is a constant across this exceptional debut album from Norway’s finest. A total triumph. Mission accomplished.

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Review by Jo Wright