Review: Flesh Tetris – Insert Coin


Flesh Tetris

Insert Coin – Self Released

Oh for someone to bring back just a sliver of the quirky late 70s and early 80s music that had people scratching their heads but loving it none the less.  Acts such as the Flying Lizards, M, and the B52s have mostly been consigned to history, but their legacy lives on, as does their undoubted influence.  Flesh Tetris are a modern day version of those left field artists and so you do need to listen to their music with a very open mind with alcohol consumption an option.  Seriously though, Insert Coin fills a gap that’s been missing in music for some time now.  Knife sharp production matched with a minimalist approach to the writing and arranging gives this EP real street cred. It has fun retro chic but uses modern technology to the full.  Flesh Tetris may be on to something, they just need music fans to catch on to what they have to offer.

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